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You are most welcome to share any bucket list ideas and activities that will appeal to anyone over 50 who may be preparing for their retirement or actually enjoying their retirement glory ride.

Find out how to submit ideas for guest posts and more importantly, how to feature and showcase your retirement bucket list activities in a wide variety of topics.

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To submit your retirement bucket list idea or activity, please follow these guidelines below, but first - if you'd like to advertise your bucket list retirement activity ...

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Submission Guidelines

If submitting an activity you need the following - to make it easier to submit your activity:

IMPORTANT NOTE: please do not use first person i.e. our, we and us. This info MUST be written in THIRD PERSON so the reader knows this activity listed is not run by this site:

  1. Name of activity: use short snappy headings with primary keywords. Please do NOT use ALL CAPITALS. Look at HOW SUCH A TITLE WILL SCREAM AT YOU!
  2. To summarise your activity think of the its focus - write a one liner about the activity including keywords that best describe it - such as detox bucket list parachuting or retirement round the world holidays or family and pets walking adventures or extreme bucket list adventure. You can also add a few paragraphs on your activity - ie the benefits, main features and other top sentences.
    PLEASE NOTE: don't copy directly from a 'Word' document. It will paste hidden 'Word' HTML into your submission and you will be unable to remove it. We suggest writing an original piece or copying into a notepad to remove any HTML and then pasting into the field.
  3. Other details - check any fields from below so you don't add them here and duplicate details. This is a great place to list all details your activity includes in short, sharp sentences, such as twin jumps if you're mentioning the bucket list parachuting or wi-fi and broadband if you're mentioning the round the world trip, or places to stop for coffee if you're mentioning walking adventures. Please do NOT add bullets, each entry is a new line/sentence - we automatically add the bullets.
  4. Country and location
  5. Video link - if you have any videos of your retreat, please supply a link
  6. Dates available - this is if your activity is only open at certain times/dates
  7. Pricing - give us a one line summary of pricing
  8. Booking link - this is divided into personal booking for phone numbers and online bookings for a direct link to your activity.
  9. Twitter - let others see more about your social tweets, and we will tweet your activity. IMPORTANT: Make sure you use the full web link with the This will become a direct link to your Twitter page.
  10. Facebook - our visitors can like you on FB - and so will we.
  11. Google Plus -more sharing via Google ...
  12. Tag or featured keyword - such as bucket list parachuting, retirement travelling, active walking for retirees etc. Please check out the existing tags to be sure your activity will be included in these tags. If you spell the tag differently or without capitals as the format for all our tags, your activity will not land on the tagged page. Seperate your tags with commas. As you start typing the tag will automatically populate the field and you can click on it to select the tag.
  13. PR ALERT: if you are responding to a PR Alert, please add the necessary TAGS, such as Cycling Holidays, Hiking Holidays, Wine Tasting, Wine Courses etc so they land on the correct page to be included in our newsletters.
  14. Please also tag your activity with an age group following these tags: 50+, 60+, 70+
  15. Image which best shows off your activity - ideally an image that will be at least 640 in width and 350 in depth - the best images get used in our home page slideshow. This also enables us to use your image in our home page slideshow. If you send us something smaller than these pixel sizes we cannot add your image!
  16. When you upload your image, you will see fields for: Alternate Text and Image Title. Please do add a short snappy keyworded sentence - this is for both accessibility purposes and SEO.

Please note: we reserve the right to change your title and first summary sentence to optimise it for search results.

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Here are the steps to submit your bucket list activity:

1. Have this information handy
2. Pop over and register to submit your bucket list activity. Or hit REGISTER on the menu.
3. You will receive a verification email to prove you are human.
4. When you have verified your email and logged in, please submit your bucket list activity here. PLEASE NOTE: if you are NOT logged in you will see a 'Whoops' error page so you must be registered and logged in to access this submission page.

Edit Your Activity Listing

If you need to come back at any time and edit your activity, follow these steps:

1. Login here. Or hit LOGIN on the menu.
2. Go to your bucket list activity's listing and hit the 'EDIT' tab. You can find this either by saving the link or by checking your profile when you log in.
3. Make any changes necessary.
PLEASE NOTE: if you are NOT logged in you will see a 'Whoops' error page so you must be logged in to edit your listing.

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