Licensed to Thrill – New and Exclusive Bond Experiences from Exsus

What do you give the man who has everything? Perhaps the chance to step into the shoes of a super spy, mastering the skills needed to live the adrenalin charged life of an action hero?
Exsus ( is offering a new and exclusive series of 007, To Be Bond experiences affording unprecedented access to Special Forces and Secret Services training. The packages offer a range of exhilarating and empowering experiences combining physical challenges with Bond's famously lavish lifestyle featuring iconic 007 locations.
Set alongside these exotic and luxurious destinations, the focus is on developing fundamental skill sets:  weapons and demolitions, evasion resistance and extraction, espionage and survival.
Comprising several ex-Special Forces members, some of whom helped prepare Daniel Craig for his role as Bond, the supremely experienced team behind To Be Bond can personalise the ‘mission’ with the help of the travel experts at Exsus.

Other Details: 
  • Hostage Rescue
  • The mission is to rescue a hostage or valuable item, clearing a building room by room using covert intelligence techniques. In a glamorous location outside Prague, participants will learn to spot and overcome booby traps, engage enemies efficiently and rescue the target.
  • Ambush Survival
  • Fighting your way out of a surprise attack is central to the James Bond experience. Working closely with expert instructors, participants will learn how to handle and fire Bond’s iconic weapons of choice before delving into the thick of the action, fighting enemies at an eastern European checkpoint.
  • Demolitions
  • Every secret agent in Bond’s explosive universe needs to know how to force their way into buildings, clear obstructions and use demolitions to bend the environment to their will. Participants will learn how to assemble and use explosives efficiently, as well as spot and destroy them, putting their skills to use in a thrilling environment built for the UK’s elite forces.
Prices start from £6,624 per person for a one-day Operation Explosive Entry in the UK