English Wine Week: Wine Maker Tour & Wine Tasting

Image of Three Choirs Vineyard

Exclusively for English Wine Week (May 24) Three Choirs will offer a brand new experience for wine enthusiasts - including wine tasting sessions and exclusive tours of the vineyard by award winning winemakers.



Other Details: 
  • Guests will be hosted on a tour of the vineyard by twice UK winemaker of the year, Martin Fowke.
  • Martin will offer fascinating insight into the winemaking process and share his expertise on how to serve and drink different wines.
  • The tour finishes with a wine tasting session and all guests receive 20% off wine purchases at the shop.
  • Dates: Tuesday 27th & Thursday 29th May.
  • Cost: £19.50 per person - tours limited to 20 guests.
  • Meet: Three Choirs Reception at 11.00am.
  • How to book: For further information or to book on a tour contact Three Choirs Reception on 01531 890223.
  • www.three-choirs-vineyards.co.uk
Three Choirs Vineyard
27th & 29th May 2014
Personal Booking: 
01531 890223