Garden Water Aerobics

Retirement exercises to do in your home hot tub spa

Have you ever tried Water Aerobics in the Back Garden? No, you don't need a giant sized pool, just a bubbly hot tub to step up and get fit in your home and garden.

Exercising can sometimes cause strains and aches that just don’t seem to let up. While staying fit and active is important, these negative effects of exercise can sometimes put us off. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a swimming spa in your back garden, it can be a fantastic solution. Exercising in water is far better for your joints. It’s an effective yet gentle workout, which can be very soothing on the body. The water not only keeps you buoyant to help ease stiffness, but it can also act as a resistance to help build muscle strength.

Your Retirement Exercise Spa Hot Tub Routine

Here are some simple and fun aerobic activities to help you get slim with a splash in your own back garden.


Stretching and warming up is an important part of every exercise routine. While the water will help to increase your body temperature and improve circulation, performing some simple stretching in the water will really help you to prepare for your back garden water aerobics session.

Toe Raises

This is a great way to work on your calf muscles. All you need to do is stand in your tub then raise your toes. Hold this for three seconds, then relax and repeat. You can also work on your calves by sitting down and pushing your toes against the end of the tub.

Hot Tub Cycling

Sit down in your tub and make slow bicycle movements with your legs. Keep your stomach taught the whole time. Do this gently for as long as feels comfortable.

Leg Extensions

Sit down and extend your legs in the water with your toes pointed. Slowly bring your legs back together and flex your feet. The resistance of the water can help you to achieve amazing toning results.

Knees Up

While sitting down push your knees together forcibly. Pull them apart against the resistance of the water. Hold this for three seconds. This is a great way to relieve pain or tension in your thigh muscles.

Weight Lifting

Lifting weights in the water will feel much easier due to the buoyancy. Use ankle weights to shape your thighs and carves or simply take in some light dumbbells or weights to the tub. Lift these out of the water, up to your shoulder, then back down into the water.

Tummy Crunch

Find a comfortable position in your tub, whether you’re standing up or sitting down. Tense your stomach muscles and hold it for three seconds. Relax and then repeat.

Pump The Arms

To work on your forearms, just extend your arms in front of you with your palms facing down. Cross your arms, alternating between your right and left arm on top, as quickly as you can through the water. You can do these sitting down with your arms below the water’s surface to reduce splashing.

Row The Boat

Rowing is a fantastic, gentle exercise and can be done from the comfort of your tub. Investing in a paddle wheel will help you not only diversify your exercise routine, but to also increase the strength of your arms and upper body.

And ... Relax

The best thing about exercising in your own spa is that the jets of warm water work like a massage to sooth and relax you after every workout. Following this kind of routine can really keep you trim and turn what you might’ve thought of previously purely as a leisure activity into a real fitness asset.

Guest Writer, Sophie Robertson, works as a content editor at Artesian Spas, one of the UK’s premier retailers of hot tubs and hydrotherapy spas.

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