Create An Inspiring Space

Renovate your home during your retirement

Have a look round your house. Where do you sit to create, to write, to study, to work? Do you have a space that inspires you?

If you need to spend time concentrating then you should have a place in your house which focuses your mind and allows you to work without interruption; no distractions, just pure motivation for the task in hand!

Whilst we’re not all lucky enough to live in a house that allows us to automatically have the ideal room for our purpose, it’s pretty easy to turn an existing space into a place that will get your brain cells revving. You may want to consider renovating or decorating your home during your retirement.

Here’s how. 

Retire Your Old Layout

Experiment with the layout of the furniture to maximise your retirement space, and if you’ve got a window that opens up on to a great view make sure you are sat looking at it! 

Test out a variety of chairs to find one that is comfortable (but not too comfortable – napping is not the greatest motivator!) and suits your purpose. There are a huge variety of desks available, should you need one, which have been specifically designed to fit in small spaces, or even to be hidden away when you’re not using it. 

If music is an important inspiration for you then have your CD player/iPod docking station close at hand – or at least the remote control so that you can change tracks without having to keep getting up. 

Add inspiring artwork to available walls; these can be either beautiful paintings or motivational quotes. When you’re taking a break you can allow your eyes to rest on them and subconsciously take in the message they are sending out. 

A Place For Everything

Once you’ve identified exactly where you want your ‘retirement thinking area’ to be then you need to declutter - remove anything in it that isn’t directly helpful to what you want to achieve whilst you’re there. 

Books should be on a bookshelf, not in piles on the floor where you are likely to trip over them while you’re pacing around (a good pace always helps to get the creative juices flowing so you can keep busy during your retirement!).

Sort out papers and books into accessible – and tidy – drawers, files or shelves. Find a good stationery holder so that you can grab a pen or pencil easily when you need to.  If you’ve got a desk then it should remain clear, apart from whatever it is you need to be working on at that moment. 

Light It Up

The right lighting can make all the difference; whether you want it bright to ensure you stay awake, or slightly softer for a more creative atmosphere it pays to invest in a couple of good reading or floor lamps. Lights that are mobile are useful; if you suddenly decide to move things around again, your lamp can shine on you wherever you end up!

And Finally...

Enjoy your new retirement space! Whatever you plan to use it for you should feel comfortable and relaxed when you're in it. Add some personal touches (photographs, flowers etc.) to make it really feel like your own. Be inspired! Be as creative as possible with colours, light and materials. If possible, give yourself time to experiment with different ideas you may have. Allow the whole renovation exercise to be rewarding in itself. It will make using the space afterwards so much more enjoyable.

And don't forget the shed, garage or even a loft conversion - low on interuptions and perfect space for 'me time'!

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