Climb A Mountain In The UK

go mountain climbing for your retirement bucket list

None of your family can beat you at Scrabble, your garden is so perfect it could feature on the front cover of the Royal Horticultural Society magazine and you’ve crocheted yourself an entire wardrobe – how about stepping it up a gear and adding ‘climbing mountains’ to your retirement bucket list?

Now, we’re not suggesting that you should go straight from a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll to leaping energetically up Kilimanjaro, but there are some beautiful mountain treks to be found in the UK that are easily attainable with the right preparation. Your retirement is all about fun after all, so let's take it ... err, one trek and a time.

The big boys are obviously Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scarfell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales but a little research will help you find the perfect size peak for you to conquer.

Before you start searching through your cupboards for your rucksack though there are a few things to think about...

Your Overall Fitness

Don’t worry, we’re not about to start asking for your vital statistics, but you do need to ensure that you are fit and well enough to handle what can be, even in the UK, quite demanding routes. If the idea of walking further than the local shop for a packet of biscuits breaks you out in a cold sweat then mountain trekking might not be for you.

If you are in reasonable shape when you hit your 50s however, and are prepared to spend some time before your retirement adventure walking or visiting the gym on a regular basis to increase your stamina and overall fitness, then you’ll be in the best shape to tackle whichever high peaks you fancy.

Plan, Plan And Plan Again

We’d recommend that if you are an absolute mountain beginners retirees then you can do no better than hire an experienced and reliable guide, who will have detailed walks mapped out and can offer you the best advice on what to bring and when to use it. Guided treks are a great way to see the sights, learn basic mountain safety and build your experience.

If you are one of those brave (or barmy) retired souls who would rather go it alone then you can never plan too much before you go. Know your exact route and how long you estimate it will take you to get there and ensure you have the right clothing, footwear and equipment, plus everything you might need in an emergency. (There’s lots of information available on the internet for this.)

And it goes without saying that you should always make sure somebody is aware of where you are so that they can call for help if necessary.

Whether The Weather?

Getting caught in a storm when you’re on the way to the bus stop is annoying – getting caught in a storm when you’re halfway up a mountain can be incredibly dangerous. To this end, it’s crucial that you check what the weather forecast says for the area you are going to, right up until the moment you leave.

If severe weather is predicted then don’t hesitate to postpone and reschedule your trip for another time. Whereever you decide to go, be it Wales or Scotland or any mountain in between and whatever time you decide to do it, go mountain climbing for your retirement bucket list!

We'd love to hear from any of you who have participated in this kind of activity - drop us a line and let us know your tips, advice and suggestions!

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