Braking The Wrinkles

look younger with anti-ageing creams

Much as we don't want to think about it, when our bodies get to a certain age they need a little bit more care than previously - and this certainly applies to our skin. There are a plethora of creams and treatments available for the over-50s, but do they offer much in return for our money?

While the thought of smearing yummy tasty choccie across our faces sparks images of putting on weight rather than slimming down the facial lines, we thought we'd give it a go to find the best creams and pills to put brakes on the ageing process.

So we've compiled a list of anti-ageing skin care pills and potions that we think could help fight the sags, wrinkles and dry skin that afflict those who are 50 plus.


SPF In A Natural TabletColladeen Visage

In a UK first, a clinical study showed a daily tablet could significantly improve skin firmness, reduce wrinkle depth and even provide a natural sun protection factor (SPF) of 10 in 12 weeks and SPF of 15 in 24 weeks. The little pink tablet Colladeen® Visage – a potent mix of natural plant extracts high in lutein and anthocyanidins – has attracted much media attention and incredible sales. Nutritionist Dr Sam Christie PhD comments: “This is a true gem of a product both in terms of its astounding regenerative effects on ageing skin but also its affordability.”

Colladeen® Visage - £18.95 for 60 tablets, visit to buy.


An Anti-ageing Super Hero! Regenerating Collagen Gel

A favourite of celebrity make-up artists! This universal gel fights smoothes, plumps, hydrates, firms and repairs the skin. It can be used as a serum, sleep mask or gel moisturiser. It will even soothe sunburn and help repair scar tissue.

Gemma Aldous, celebrity make-up artist – “I've been working with Sheridan Smith, Jess from Liberty X and Pixie Lott, all of which I have been using Regenerating Collagen Gel as a make-up base… and they all love it!”

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A Rejuvenating Boost For Your Eyes! Expertise Eye Cream

This eye cream uses a unique formula to fight the five signs of ageing in the eye contour area: dark circles, puffiness, fat pockets, wrinkles and sagging. It provides a rejuvenating boost for your eyes.

Gina Faria, beauty blogger – “Instant results never before seen in any skincare I've previously tried. Very impressed!”

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Natural And OrganicAyurveda Pura

Our natural organic range of anti-ageing cosmetics harness the Power of Nature’s Gifts to arrest, delay and reverse the signs of ageing. Using traditional ingredients long venerated for their youth-promoting and wrinkle-busting efficacy, alongside the best modern science can offer without harmful alcohols and petrochemicals, these products are firm favourites at our award winning Spa.

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The Natural Alternative To BotoxNatralox

Organic Natralox combines the latest technology and highest quality plant-derived ingredients for incredible results your skin will love. Developed to maintain your skin's youthful appearance, the weightless cream provides intense hydration and stimulates natural collagen. The formula includes proven active ingredients including Argireline® which has been shown in studies to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, plus organic botanicals, natural antioxidants and moisturisers to hydrate and maintain skin health.

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Yon-Ka's Ultimate Twin Treatment For Deep WrinklesYon-Ka

With over 92% ingredients of natural origin, the Stimulastine products harness the natural qualities of Dill and Boswellia, helping to reduce the span and depth of wrinkles, visibly smooth the skin and transform the complexion with a healthy glow. What’s more, both products are entirely Paraben-free for your peace of mind. Clinical testing has shown that daily and nightly applications of the Stimulastine products can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 64% over 8 weeks. Discover the new secret to being comfortable in your own skin with these anti-ageing hero products, available exclusively Yon-Ka salons and spas.

Buy here: - also available from Yon-Ka salons.


Repair And Replenish Your Natural Skin With Red TeaRed Tea Natural Skin Therapy

Red Tea Natural Skin Therapy is a luxurious collection of nine products that combine Redbush Tea Extract, commonly known as Rooibos, with essential oils to create a range full of anti-oxidants and anti-ageing properties. Regular use of the Red Tea Natural Skin Therapy range will help lessen the appearance of skin imperfections and will make the skin look and feel younger and healthier.

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24kt Gold Miracle FacialJamela Skincare

Jamela is an all natural anti-aging skin care line of hyaluronic acid based facial masks. These innovative masks increase the skin’s moisture saturation level by 92% and are packed full of nutrients. Each mask helps to stimulate collagen, build elasticity, improve circulation and aids in cell regeneration. Reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, whilst firming and hydrating the skin for a healthier, more youthful appearance.

Created with the most beautiful ingredients nature has to offer - mineral gold infused with natural plant collagen & anti oxidants including vitamin E & rose essence.

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Anti-pollution Skincare Starts HerePurelogicol

Anti-pollution skincare is the next big thing as studies are showing that it could be a big trigger to the skin’s ageing process, but why fight ageing effects on the outside? Begin on the inside by taking these collagen-boosting supplements to achieve healthier skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin moisture and elasticity.

NEW Purelogicol Collagen Peptide Skin Supplement - £40 for 90 capsules. For optimum results take three capsules a day for three months.

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The Gift Of Youthglo-therapeutics renew serum

Hydroxy acids and retinol stimulate a mild exfoliation and cell renewal to smooth skin and improves texture and tone.

Blended with antibacterial agents that provide oil control benefits. Recommended for: Acne, aging skin, oily, pre-treatment.

glō-therapeutics renew serum, £29.95

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Strong And Healthy Skin

glō-therapeutics Conditioning Restorative Cream

Combines emollient, protective and non-greasy natural oils with therapeutic extracts and actives chosen for their antioxidant, reparative and immune-enhancing properties. Not only will glo-therapeutics Restorative Cream provide instantaneous relief for dry, fragile and stressed skin, but also provide the strategic tools needed for skin to become stronger and healthier long-term.

Recommended for: Normal, dry, aging, mature, fragile, thin, rough, sun & environmental damaged skin.

glō-therapeutics Conditioning Restorative Cream, £37.95

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Your Anti-Ageing Regime

If you have a product that you swear by please let us know. Add a comment below or send your recommendations via our contact page.


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