15 Things To Do When You Retire

15 things to do during your retirement

Let's face it, you've earned your retirement so now all you have to do is make it full of fun with loads of activities to occupy all the time you now have on your hands. My Glory Ride went in search of 15 things to do to fill your time during retirement.

1. Live within your budget. More than likely, you'll have a set standard income each month from your long awaited pensions so you should try and stick to a planned budget to live within your new retirement income. It is very easy to start jumping off the deep end and spending your retirement funds with all the exciting activities you can do now that you have retired, but keep a beady eye on how much you should be drawing out each month.

2. Write a book. Writing a book takes time! Ask me I know – I have been writing for years and yet to publish my first novel – even though I have two business books published. Now you have plenty of time to consider your options, if you’ve a wild imagination and good English written skills you could write poetry, a novel, a cookbook, a how-to guide, or even your memoirs for your grandkids to read one day.

3. Write a blog. Learning to blog is easy. You may have the desire to share important subjects or simply just chatting about your retirement experience. Another blogging idea is to blog about your business knowledge or offer career advice based on your previous work experience before you retired. Maybe even blog about a hobby you have mastered, like sewing or baking or painting on glass or gardening – the list is endless.

4. Start a new hobby. Retirement is the best time to take up a new hobby. Already mentioned here in a variety of ways you can try your hand at so many things. If you can’t think of anything to do ask friends and family or enquire at the local town hall to see what courses they may be running. 

5. Get more knowledge. Go back to school or university – this can be online or a home learning college or long distance university. Maybe you need to finish that diploma or graduate degree if you dropped out a long time ago. Perhaps you want to take up new learning skills with an online course or local evening class. Local schools often run fun courses to start a new hobby and may even offer discounts to retirees. Worth finding out more.

6. Move to the country. If you’ve spent your life in the city or commuting to a traffic jammed area of the country, why not consider moving to the country? You’ll have wide open spaces to take up lots of new projects. Remember you don’t need to be near a job anymore so live where you want to live. Maybe you’ll want to escape to the continent, as Ken and I are aiming at doing, where my animal loving husband wants to look after and rescue animals in need and I want to write and spend time in my garden.

7. Redecorate your home. With all this well-earned time on your hands, now may be as good a time as any to start on that long list of DIY home improvements. It doesn’t need to be big extensions to accommodate all the grandkids and new pets. Try starting with a couple of quick and easy tasks like clearing out the garage – that is always on the cards for a declutter. Or perhaps taking one room and reading new decorating books to find out what colours you’d like to use and slowly build up a picture in your mind of how you can use this space for a new idea. Read lots to learn how you can do this kind of thing yourself without spending your budget as mentioned above.

8. Learn a new language. Have you travelled extensively and picked up threads of a language that has always sparked an interest? There are many online language learning courses and you could even combine it with a grand holiday to that country to really feel the language on your tongue. Any other retirement travel plans? Before embarking, spend some time learning the language because it will make your holiday more worthwhile to be able to converse with the locals.

9. Join a fitness class. It’s vital to stay fit and maintain your health while you’re enjoying retirement so you may want to consider joining a group of people who like doing things you like doing such as cycling, tennis, golf  or walking – in fact anything that gets you out and about with other people. There are scores of these groups taking place all over the country every day.

10. Go into public service. Here’s a good one to use your retirement time, your business skills and to help your local community. Get in touch with schools or churches near you to explore opportunities. You may want to add a touch of politics and jump into the political process. Contact your local council for ideas on serving your community.

11. Take a part-time job. Many retirees feel desolate if they don’t have a set place to go to every day or familiar things to keep doing. No probs. Taking up a fun part-time job with a company you love may be the solution. You’ll earn a bit of extra retirement income with that consulting craze you’ve wanted to do and in the process meet new people. Or what about volunteering …

12. Volunteering. Give back during your retirement by volunteering for a charity that has a special meaning to you. There must be loads of opportunities for you to volunteer in your retirement with local charitable events that could use your skills. You may want to combine a bit of travelling with overseas volunteering work – my dream is to go and work with the Orangutan foundation – I love them!

13. Still bored? Maybe start-up a business. Okay, this one seems a bit odd now that you’ve finally retired, but many retirees feel that their career is not over. You may have a brain full of knowledge and a heart filled with passion and an iron-will to start that business you've always dreamed of. So why not? Even having it as a part-time business will still allow you to partake of the good retirement life. Or you can work at it for a few years, grow it into a business worth selling and therefore add to the retirement money pot! Clever, hey?

14. Visit family. This is a must and can easily be fitted in during any or all of the other ideas we have mentioned. Spending more time with family or friends is a great way to relax and enjoy the time you have been given to retire. You may even want to delve into your family tree to find relatives you never knew you had. My sister is an ace at creating family trees and has found relatives all over the world, some living in an Irish Castle. I must hurry up and retire so I can go Irish Castle hunting …

15. Nothing!  Yes, you heard it. Do nought, niks, nudder. You have worked a long and possibly hard work life so you have most certainly earned the right to do nothing. Our top tip is to scuttle off and do whatever you want, including nothing!

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