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Welcome to My Glory Ride!

Welcome to My Glory Ride! Having some spare time on your hands is a great thing – as long as you use it in a rewarding fashion. Then it becomes a big adrenaline rush. Use My Glory Ride to get ideas or share ideas for bucket list activities, to build the bucket list you've always promised yourself, to fill your time enjoyably and with greater personal satisfaction and to find out where to go to turn all of these great ideas of yours into full-on activities!

For those of you with the desire to live life on your own terms My Glory Ride can help you fill your time with exciting, fulfilling and rewarding activities. It is not just a site for retired or semi-retired people. It is for all of you with some spare time and the desire to do something positive with it.

My Glory Ride aims to help you plan for a life on your terms. It aims to provide a wide range of options from the outright exciting/terrifying to the longer term projects that require a more steady time commitment in order to get to a fulfilling conclusion.

You will find plenty of bucket list ideas and activities but as the site grows we also want to provide self-improvement options as well as care and ‘giving back’ possibilities. We also aim to provide the solutions to all these idea areas by offering suggestions as to where you can contact providers of your chosen activities to help you get started.

To be honest, living life on your own terms is a big challenge. Inevitably it's about having a good plan, with a mixture of the fun and the fulfilling. It needn't cost vast amounts of money to achieve both. Yes, a millionaire's Glory Ride list might have different things on it to, say, mine! But My Glory Ride wants to cover all the bases - from the things that will require some expenditure to the absolutely free; from ideas that are home based to the 'miles from home' possibilities; from the 'About Me' to the 'About Us' to the 'About Other People'. A good Glory Ride list should have all of these things on it, then you've got a solid plan and a very full day!

We also want to post your own ideas and experiences for the benefit of others so please feel free to post your suggestions and feedback to help fellow Glory Riders. Get involved!

And as you set off on your Glory Ride travels, remember the words of the mighty seafaring 'Zen Dog' by Edward Monkton:

He knows not where he's going, for the ocean will decide.  It's not the destination....it's the glory of the ride!


Now there's a pooch with the right approach!


Here are a few thing that our new site is currently suggestion in order to get you started with, much more to follow as the journey continues.....

Retirement Travelling

If you're over 50 you'll probably want to spend time prior to retirement and certainly during retirement travelling. Some may be looking for travel adventures, long term holidays on a budget or that ideal dream holiday. We'd like to find pre-retirement and retirement holiday travel ideas and give you options for creating your bucket list.  

Experience the joys of retirement travelling.

Health and Fitness

Keeping fit and healthy during your retirement or in the years leading up to retirement - and certainly when you hit the big 5.0 - is crucial to long term happiness during the lifestyle years you've been waiting all your life to enjoy. We want to find lots of way to stay fit and healthy and list places to go to enjoy being active.

Discover ways to keep fit and stay healthy in your retirement.

Retirement Bucket Lists

When Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson made Bucket Lists famous, the whole world went mad for their own sought-after list of adventures. There are even bucket lists to do before you hit 20! Our bucket list ideas comprise of weird and wild rides, must do adventures of a lifetime, and suggestions for a more sedate and calm way to execute a bucket list.

Browse some bucket list ideas.

Hobbies And Fun

Whilst a big ideas bucket list is great, having some interests that fill your time on a more regular basis is also important. And with as much fun and contentment as possible - its compulsory!

Have fun by finding new hobbies.

Family, Friends And Pets

Having the time to build neglected relationships, or simply having many more 'Us Moments' with friends, family or pets can be hugely rewarding and a big happiness builder.

Find out more about spending retirement time with your family, friends and pets.

Learn New Skills In Your Retirement

Retirement doesn't mean you know it all. Life experience certainly counts for sharing your knowledge with others, but this is a great time to take up new hobbies, learn new skills, do online courses or follow that dream of doing something wildly different. Doing a course to learn these new skills doesn't mean you want to start a new career ... it means you want to wallow in new knowledge. Whether you do anything with this new learning doesn't matter, what does is the motivation and inspiration to start sniffing around to expand your mind and keep it active in your retirement.

Find out how to Learn New Skills In Your Retirement

Giving Back And Volunteering

Having more time on your hands means that you can give more to others. Find ways to do this with volunteering and doing good to others ...

See about retirement volunteering and how to give back.

Personal Space And Growth

'Me Time' - the best time in the world! Be it spiritual, developmental, fulfilling personal dreams and ambitions, building a legacy - great or small - is now within your compass.

Would you like to find more Personal Space to grow during your retirement?

Retirement Wealth And Business

Retirement is no time to get poorer! Retaining your wealth, or better still increasing your wealth, can be both important and fulfilling. Income top up may be required. Or starting a business, on your own terms and with low financial risk, of course, can be highly exhilarating.

Experiment with Retirement Wealth or Retirement Business Ideas.

About Ken And Paula

Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne setting up secret world retreats

Ken and Paula Sheridan co-founded My Glory Ride in 2014 and are co-founders of a number of other an online businesses.

Ken and Paula are the Co-Founders of:

  1. Remote Employment - a job board focused on home based jobs
  2. iHubbub - a home business community for entrepreneurs and freelancers to sell their products and services with a free online shop
  3. Secret World Retreats - find your ideal secret holiday or retreat hideway
  4. My Glory Ride - take your glory ride with us to a lifestyle destination of your choice
  5. Paula Wynne - Paula is bestselling author of two business books and blogs about the writing life.