How 2 Self-Publish Your Own Books

Self-Publish A Book In Your Retirement

When you reach 50 + you have so much life experience and career knowledge you may want to fill your retirement years writing and publishing your own books.

That's where How 2 Self Publish comes in. You can read and absorb the learning as we go along, learning ourselves about the self-publishing world.

It all started with Paula Wynne finding out what to do about self-publishing your own books, what not to do, how to self-publish successfully and how to market your self published books.

How To Self-Publish

When you are in the throws of writing your book or maybe you have alrady written your book and are looking around for advice on how to self-publish your book on Kindle or other eBook platforms, as well as a paperback, you'll be searching for advice on:


Other Self-Publishing Topics

We'll be featuring lots of advice and interesting articles on the following:

  • Self Publishing Books
  • Writing Advice
  • Self Publishing articles
  • How to self publish on Kindle
  • Amazon CreateSpace, Feed A Read and other free or low cost self publishing sites
  • Self Publishing Software
  • How to find an editor
  • How to set up a self publishing template
  • How to find/choose a book cover designer
  • How to start marketing your self published book
  • I've self published - what now?

And any other relevant topics that relate to learning how to self publish ...

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