Keeping Joints Supple And Healthy

Keeping joints healthy during your retirment

During retirement our joints may be largely taken for granted but they are vital to your health and enjoying your retirement glory ride. It seems a bit of a mission to think about maintaining mobility and flexibility as you get older, but for your own sake it will help in the long run to reduce the risk of joint problems later on.

Arthritis is a difficult condition to put up with, especially if you are keen to keep active with family, friends and pets in your retirement. Think ahead. Damaged or worn and torn joints are difficult to repair and may make it very difficult for you to continue enjoyable everyday activities like running, playing tennis or even walking up stairs.

A few things you may want to consider ...

Rosehip Powder

Litozin+ which uses popular natural rose-hip powder is scientifically proven to maintain healthy and flexible joints and contribute to the normal function of bones and cartilage. Rosehip powder Rosehip Powder derived from fruit berries of the rose plant, Rosehip, is hugely valued for their medicinal use, coming from rose varieties, Rose gallica and Rose canina. Long-standing Scandinavian research projects have proven that Liotzin’s Rosehip Powder combined with Rosenoid and vital Vitamin C offers numerous health benefits and a natural alternative for joint care.

Most popularly sold in leading health food store, Holland and Barrett, Litozin+ offers the perfect supplement to maintain flexible joints and aid joint mobility and I think your readers may be interested in hearing about a natural product they can take daily which will really make a difference to their every day lives and put a Spring into their step!

When you do regular exercise it is the best thing to help keep your joints supple and maintain their function. Physical activity is even recommended for anyone who is already suffering from arthritis. Walking can improve mobility and flexibility of joints and decrease pain.

If you're a retired gym-bunny, you can consider incorporating strength training with weights or Yoga into your fitness regime to keep your bones and joints strong. Make sure you check with your gym instructor about any exercise that will help you as you don't want to plough on and then find the exercises are doing untold damage.

Real Life Joint Relief

Founder of Glory Ride, Ken Sheridan, has terrible pain with his knees because of wear and tear after running several marathons and being a lifelong tennis player. He has been seeing the doc about the pain he gets for years and has tried several joint medications. As he is walking, his knees often twitch and he may wobble a bit. With the Litozin he finds he is able to walk freely with no pain in his knees.

Having taken these pills for an initial few weeks, they have made an immediate improvement in previously sore knee joints. This is very encouraging as other over the counter medications have tried without seeing any results as obvious and as quick as the Litozin.

Ken said: ‘I’m looking forward to continuing with Litozin to monitor its performance over a greater period of time and activities, which will work the joints a bit harder.

Litozin is available at Holland & Barrett stores nationwide at a price of £22.00.


ActiPatch Pulse Therapy

ActiPatch Pulse Therapy

ActiPatch is an award-winning drug-free micro medical device which uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy to reduce joint pain and inflammation, accelerate healing, and results in injured tissue being restored to a healthy state.   Its helps to support back, neck, knee, hip, heel, tennis elbow, wrist and essentially any musculoskeletal pain on the body 5x better and 100% safer than over-the-counter drugs. ActiPatch can be used pre or post sporting activities or exercise in order to soothe any joint discomfort – offering a natural alternative to drug medication.

Keep trim and try to stick to a steady weight because carrying those extra pounds may be great after a BBQ or a night of cheese platters and red wine, but that weight will add pressure on your joints especially your knees, hips and spine, it can lead to more joint pain and damage if you're already suffering with arthritis.

To keep a healthy weight, you don't need to be told to keep on top of a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, with ample lean meat (especially white meat) and fish, but you do need to keep up all forms of physical activity.

We've been told that Glucosamine and chondroitin are great to help to maintain healthy joint function and repair joint cartilage. Omega 3 fatty acids from oily fishes will also lubricate the joints and maintain mobility.

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